I am a forty something wife and mommy. I spent many years as the single mother of a special needs child.  I now find myself happily married to the most wonderful man. My child is an adult.  I have come to terms with my role as a wife and mother in the home, and have fully embraced all that it offers. I believe that I am here to serve our Lord and Savior, and I live my days pursuing the path that I believe He wants me on. I attend a non-denominational Bible Church, and love my church family. I am a humanitarian at heart, and am always looking for ways in which I can make a difference. I come from an unstable and rocky childhood, and feel that it has given me insight that many folks long for. I spent many years in therapy recovering from childhood trauma and learning healthy life skills, as well as healthy parenting techniques. I am currently working on a self help book containing the tools for choosing joy. I have founded a not for profit organization called Rocky Mountain Rescue Ranch, which I feel God has called me to create. When I look at my life events, I am confirmed in this calling. I have a lovely husband and one wonderful son.  I am also quite drawn to animal care and rescue, always the sucker for the sick, scared, and injured. Our family is home to three rescue dogs and two rescue cats. My posts resonate a common theme. A desire for a slower pace of life, healthier food, and a simpler time. I long to live my life on a hobby farm. I am getting closer every day. I want to create my own goods, grow my own food, raise my own meat, and make my own butter. I have recently become blatantly aware of how many horrible additives are in everything we consume, and I want to change my relationship with the food I consume. I want to get back to the earth. I want to get back to God. I aim to live my life in a way that is as pleasing to God as possible. I aim for simplicity and a more fulfilling way of life.



2 thoughts on “About

  1. I really admire the courageous journey that you are on. I was struck by mini parallels in our lives. I am part of non denominational Church, participate in two Bible studies a week, enjoy Beth Moore, and retired from the welfare system after 17 years. I strive to follow God’s will my life, and I’m blessed to be a wife mother and grandmother. I decided to follow along with your journey as I enjoy a like-minded community but I also appreciate diversity and creativity. 👍💕

    • Wow! I had to go back and read my about page. It has been years since I have updated it! I have come a long way in many of these goals since I first wrote this. I have recently made a decision to spend more time in my blog and will be updating soon. Welcome along for the journey. Headed over to check out your blog now. Many blessings, my new friend.

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